Why does the Arctic air warms faster than in Antarctica

An international team of climate scientists found the reason due to which the atmosphere over Antarctica heats up much slower than over the Arctic. A study published in the journal Earth System Dynamics, and briefly about it reports the European geophysical Union.

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  • VIDEO: IN Riga hosted the "Night-in on the street Brivibas"

    On the night of 21 may in Riga hosted the "Night race on brīvības street", during which all interested persons could drive on the main street on rollers, skateboards, scooters and bicycles. Judging by the video, which DELFI Reporter sent Victor in the night-attended by both adults and children.

  • Eight famous women calling themselves feminists

    Feminism is a word often do not understand or understand wrong. However, it means the belief in social, political and economic equality of both sexes. Feminism is a movement for women's rights, which is based on this belief. In fact feminism is aimed at protecting the interests of women on the grounds that compared to the opportunities for men to empower women in various aspects much less, if not suppressed. This idea popularitybut known all over the world people are trying to draw attention to this problem. Viņa DELFI offers to meet with 8 world renowned women who consider themselves feminists.

  • Latvia took 60% of the refugees

    Latvia has so far taken 60% of the refugees, therefore, Latvia is not included in the number of countries in respect of which the European Commission may start the procedure on violation of the program terms of refugee movements, have informed Agency LETA in Management on Affairs of citizenship and migration.

  • 'sh asks bpbc check out the free concert by the band "Bi-2"

    The Deputy of the Sejm Artus'sh sent the Bureau on prevention and struggle against corruption, the statement with the request to check for possible violations of law at the free concert of group "Bi-2" in Riga. About it reports LETA.