Mei has proposed to allow the EU citizens to stay in Britain

Prime Minister Theresa may suggested the EU leaders to provide all citizens of these countries who have lived in the UK for at least five years, a permanent residence permit.

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  • Mayor re-elected Riga nil Ushakov

    Thursday June 22, at the first meeting of the Riga city Duma of the new convocation mayor was elected nil Ushakov, who has held this post for eight years.

  • US sanctions against Russia: three-year story to be continued

    20 June the United States has expanded the list of sanctions against Russia, adding to it new names and companies. It's another round of restrictive measures that have been in place for three years in connection with events in Crimea and the Donbass, and regularly supplemented. Newspaper Deutsche Welle gathered about the U.S. sanctions against Russia.

  • Condition poisoned by methadone improved

    As a three year old boy, who in Olaine poisoned by methadone left by drug-addict parents in an accessible location, has improved, said the representative of the Children's clinical University hospital Daiga Rauba.