For a few days before the incident, the teenager told friends that they morning would not come to the school gym, where later he opened fire, seriously injuring 12-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy.

in addition to also on Sunday, according to friends, who built a fire boy left a message in social networks that tomorrow he's going to have fun. However, on the next day the school was closed for technical reasons, and plans arrow were deferred.

In eventually the massacre classmates was postponed on Tuesday. In the morning schoolboy, secretly carrying a sawed-off shotgun came to the gym, where there were already 500 children. The boy managed to make three shots: one bullet hit the floor, the second landed in the ceiling, one in the crowd of students. After this, the teacher persuaded the boy to give him arms, and the arrow stopped by the police.

In Wednesday, the suspect was taken to a psychiatric hospital in Albuquerque, where doctors and investigators are trying to determine why the child has decided to resort to violence. In respect of the arrow criminal case, he charged.