Series "Where Russian, live well?", originally conceived as a guide for a beginner an immigrant, as the books in this series are written new Russian immigrants, i.e. those who left Russia after 1991 for work or personal reasons, and often both at once. In 2013 we are all horrible, and a distinct clarity realize that the problem of emigration has become a real scourge for all countries of the former USSR. Tajiks fled to Russia, Russians are fleeing the US and Germany, people of the Baltic States flee in all the EU countries plus Norway, where the weather is even worse than us... What can we say about the desire to move to Italy or France.

Anna Volohova is a professional journalist, graduated from MSU and Department for management of the French Institute of Fashion. Living in France for many years, writes about the French fashion and cultural events for the "Vedomosti" and Harper's Bazaar. She has two children, with whom she loves to walk on the Paris museums and go on a weekend in Normandy.

So, if your dream is to live in France, oysters and cheese for Breakfast, lunch and dinner, to collect documents in French UNIVERSITY or think to buy a house here, to old age, quietly and calmly at him to move - then this is the book for you. The author tells about the life of France from the inside: of what "freedom, equality and brotherhood" in French, about how the French are Russian immigrants and whether or not dream of marrying a Frenchman