Previous the attempt to pass Gigi married attracted about 20 thousand men: all they contacted Chao to declare their intent. But then the daughter of billionaire refused a marriage with any man. Now Gigi Chao once again acted against the idea of his father arrange her marriage.

Commenting on the situation, Gigi Chao, who heads a charitable Foundation, and is also an LGBT activist, said that she is not angry with his father because he just wants her to be happy, but not understand what she гомосексуальна. She called attempts to marry her with the help of the proposed men remuneration way to Express his fatherly love. Gigi also stated that loves the father, but not be able to marry the man.

newspaper partner Gigi Chao, with which it is in a romantic relationship for nine years, was furious at the proposal of the father of his girlfriend. As noted, in 2012 couple marry in France.

If it is known that Cecil Chao says his daughter alone and hopes to persuade her to become heterosexual. Businessman expressed his hope that it is not too late to do so as Gigi just 33 years old.

How many already wanting responded to the new ad Cecil Chao is not specified.