Barakat is the senior is still the representative of the victim of attacks in Egypt in 2013, according to Deutsche Welle.

Issued now by the court's sentence now goes for consideration to the Supreme mufti of Egypt, who will study it and give my opinion having no binding force. On 22 July, the court will either confirm the sentence, because I cancelled. After this, convicts will have the opportunity to appeal the decision. On the same day, the court shall render a verdict on the remaining defendants. Only in the case of the death of the public Prosecutor are 67 people.

Egypt's top Prosecutor Hisham Barakat died 29 June 2015 in Cairo after his car blew up in the city centre. From the received wounds the officer has died in the hospital.

The post of Prosecutor General Barakat has held since July 2013. During its two years of activities he was involved in many high-profile criminal proceedings against members of the organization "Muslim brotherhood", said

Responsibility for the murder of the Barakat took over the group "popular resistance in Giza", intending to avenge the death sentences against members of the organization "Muslim brotherhood". The political movement was banned in the country after the military coup of 2013. Several hundred supporters of the "Muslim Brothers", including former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi were sentenced to death.

After the attack on the Barakat, the Egyptian authorities have dramatically tightened security legislation in the country. This has led to a considerable restriction of the freedom of speech and press.