Priests love since ancient times. In proof of this it may be mentioned that in ancient Greece even held competitions for the best forms, and all collected during the competition the funds were sent to the temple of Venus Callipyge (translation — "having a beautiful ass").

Size matters... for health

More precisely, the researchers found that people who accumulate fat in buttocks area, have a much lower risk of developing cancer than those who have stocks of visceral fat. Tahoe in addition, a study published in the International Journal of Obesity proved that the higher women ratio of waist and hips, the lower her risk of developing type II diabetes.

А еще вы на ней сидите. Семь интересных фактов о самой мягкой части вашего тела
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Laxative is bad

Even if you are not worried about the problem of constipation, sometimes the desire "to be cleansed" with the help of various drugs can be quite seductive. From time to time, many resort to using laxatives, however, few people know that the use of such drugs can cause dependence of the bowel movements very soon "does not want" to work independently, literally asking you to increase the dose of laxative. Instead of medication try to increase fluid intake and often attend sports activities. This will help.

Your children will probably be smarter

Clinical studies have confirmed that women's thigh accumulate not only "regular" fat, but also fatty acid omega-3. And she is known to be essential for successful operation of our brain. So, if you are the proud owner of "great treasures" that have large reserves of important acid, which is then in greater numbers to get breast milk in your child's brain. Scientists believe that this factor can positively affect the speed of its development.

А еще вы на ней сидите. Семь интересных фактов о самой мягкой части вашего тела
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Priest vs sugar substitutes

Many of us were so pleased with the appearance on the market many alternatives to your favorite sodas and chocolates! But, unfortunately, most of the products, which proudly listed the sweetener, is harmful to our fifth point. All about sugar alcohols — mannitol, sorbitol, xylitol, and others, are not absorbable in the human body. When these indigestible sugars reach the colon, bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract try to dissolve them, which leads to potentially serious problems with flatulence, flatulence, changes in stool consistency and so on.

The priest makes you more hardy

Moreover, both physically and mentally. First, it is known that the amount of fat in the gluteal area relaxes pain spasms. The bigger and stronger your glutes, the less stress during movement falls on your spine and other parts of the body. And secondly, due to the presence in adipose tissue omega-3 your brain gets more energy in moments of stress, and then you face the stresses easier.

Thanks Pope you seem to be more sensitive and sensual

Studies show that women with broad round buttocks better recognize other people's feelings and empathize with them more often. Why is this happening, scientists certainly do not know. But it's still logical: big booty has always been a symbol of beauty, and therefore women, they have always been in high demand by men. This led to the fact that their social skills and emotional intelligence are better developed!

The priest signaled to the men

It's not just because since ancient times men are more inclined to respond to women with magnificent forms, as this fact was and remains one of the most important for successful reproduction. This reaction by men is happening on a subconscious level. And is associated with health and fertility.