Speaking of controversial amendments to the law on credit institutions, causing suspicion that they are intended to influence the insolvency process Trasta komercbanka, Aboltina noted that the concern is not only the legal essence of the amendments, but amendments that are promoted in connection with the insolvency of one specific Bank.

According to Aboltina, many saw in the hotel "Gutenbergs" filed the amendments of the Deputy of the Saeima of Latvia Paradnieks (VL-TB/LNNK), together with the insolvency administrator Trasta komercbanka Maris Spruds who were detained last week. Paradnieks also tried to influence the presidential office to reconsider the decision not to proclaim these amendments, added Aboltina.

Politicians should not interfere in the proceedings in insolvency, she said.

Speaking about amendments to improve the protection of minority shareholders, Aboltina noted that many experts have made negative conclusions, which were ignored. This raises the suspicion that the amendments have been drafted in the interests of certain minority shareholders in one particular enterprise in one particular port town, she said.