"Ben — a good friend of mine. I met him in London at the rally against Israeli aggression in Palestine. The rally was organized by our party. Ben and I are in the Marxist-Leninist Communist party of great Britain, which advocated the independence of the LDNR. We also rallied together against rent increase in public housing. He is from Manchester, but always came to share in London.", — told the portal Delfi Benes.

He also explained that the party "Other Russia" and movement "Brigade" will provide Ben the legal and political support.

"There will be an appeal and we require to recognize him as innocent and a victim of political repression, bourgeois England. Will seek to pay out the compensation for time served and for all the anxiety caused by the English law enforcement system. Ben arrived in the Donbass to protect civilians. He deserves the order of Friendship of Peoples, not time in prison. Ben is a dedicated warrior — internationalist", said Ayo Benes.

As previously reported, last Friday, 41-year-old British citizen Ben Stimson was sentenced by a British court in Manchester to five years and four months in prison. The judge found no evidence that Stimson was directly involved in the armed conflict, but found out that he has extremist views and do not represent a danger to the population of Britain.

The judge also said that the Stimson sentenced to eight years in prison, but subtracts a third of that sentence for a guilty plea. This is the first case when the British court found the citizen guilty of terrorist activities in connection with its participation in the conflict in the Donbass.