The town of harla was a regional craft and trade center, says Professor Timothy Insoll from Exeter University in Britain. According to him, the artisans of the cities specialized in the manufacture of jewellery and.

"The population Charly was mixed and consisted of foreigners and locals, who traded with other countries in the region of the red sea, the Indian ocean and perhaps even the Arabian Gulf. The discovered artifacts were brought into the town from Madagascar, Maldives, Yemen and China.

"This discovery overturns our understanding of trade in this forgotten by archaeologists part of Ethiopia," says Professor Insoll. It tells the Ethiopian correspondent service Bi-bi-si Emmanuel Isunza sooner about the area where they found the city, went the legend that it is inhabited by giants, because of the buildings, built of large stone blocks. "We, of course, denied, but in my opinion we do not believe," says Professor Insoll about this local legend.

The statement of the team of archaeologists said they plan to analyze approximately 300 bodies from the local cemetery to see what they ate were buried in ancient times, people. Excavations will continue next year.