"I can't name the date when people will be on Mars, and the reason for this — the budget, the part that you want to increase by about two percent, we have no surface systems of Mars, — said the head of NASA for manned flights bill Gerstenmaier at a meeting organized by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. — The entrance [into the atmosphere], the descent and landing — a huge challenge for us on Mars".

The head admitted that NASA might want to concentrate on missions to the moon, especially to those regions where there is water ice. Ars Technica notes that the way for the Agency may be expanding the collaboration with private companies such as SpaceX, Blue Origin and United Launch Alliance.

"We will return to the moon, we will go to Mars and move on, where our grandchildren will the dream", — declared Vice-the President of the United States Michael Pence, as reported TASS, addressing the staff space flight Center Kennedy at the launch site at Cape Canaveral.

In October 2015, has served as the head of the U.S. space Agency, Charles Bolden stated that "NASA is the closest to sending American astronauts to Mars than ever before. (...) NASA sends our nation and the world in a journey to Mars".