These words Brigmanis answered the question, not does public discussion of tax reforms of the incapacity of the government. In his opinion, if there was less talk "around" yet unready version of the bill, the work would be more efficient.

The politician explained that too much openness leads to unconstructive work. So Brigmanis he refrains to talk on this topic, not to comment while unprepared.2.*

The discussion of tax reforms in the Board of the Union "green" and peasants will continue on June 19. Brigmanis hoped that the representatives of the Ministry of Finance at the next meeting, will present the next steps. He pointed out that the coalition still have to compromise on unclear issues.

As reported, the Union "green" and peasants supported the increase of social security contributions by 0.5% for employers and 0.5 percentage points for employees to direct this funding for medicine.

The national Association is skeptical about the possibility of increasing the value-added tax and more inclined to increase social contributions.

Formed by Prime Minister, the working group proposes coalition to choose one of the two sources of financing health care — a binding mandatory social insurance to the minimum social contributions and the allocation of health care 1.5% of the social budget, offsetting this increase by one percentage point of VAT, or the introduction of compulsory health insurance with a fixed or tiered monthly payment.

Also the parties need to find a compromise on tax reform. The ruling coalition is discussing new proposals on compensatory mechanisms in the implementation of tax reform — progressive income tax, the possibility of six months delay the decline in income tax rates.