Earlier in interview to transfer "900 seconds" television channel LNT the President of the Latvian Association of rural family doctors League of Kozlovska noted that the proposed ruling coalition of the health financing system turns family doctors in a kind of "tax officers", although before the doctor worth other tasks.

The Minister explained that the available to a specific person the basket of health services will determine the system of "e-health", and besides, people will always be able to obtain medical services for a full charge without the use of government funding.

According to Chakri unfortunately, not all inhabitants of Latvia understand the meaning of paying taxes, but people need to understand that public services are provided at the expense of taxpayers ' money, so it is important to consolidate this relationship in the minds of residents.

The introduction of a new system of financing health care are most likely to feel delinquent taxes, as stated previously, Anda Chakshu.

With the introduction of the new system, residents who pay social security contributions, most likely, from January 1, the difference is even will not feel, she said. "The Latvian healthcare system is in such deep crisis that it is impossible to say that tomorrow all will be well," said Chakshu.

However, a resident who does not pay taxes will feel the changes, so therefore does not receive the full basket of health services. This means that the majority of compensated medicines, doctor consultations and examinations will be fully paid services, explained the Minister.

According to her, is necessary in the next year to show taxpayers the benefits of the new system.

In a complete package of services that will be received by the taxpayer, will include outpatient consultations, routine medical care, radiological and laboratory tests, rehabilitation and home care. This basket includes all reimbursable medicines.

A full basket will also apply to children, pensioners, students and full-time students and persons with disabilities. Which basket will get unemployed, has not yet been resolved. Discussions are also continuing about which groups of society should be government support.

As reported last week, the partners in the ruling coalition came to an agreement on raising social contributions, and discussions on greater progressivity of income tax rates from the population (NPA) will continue.

To raise social payments is planned to increase funding for health care. It is assumed that they will be raised in solidarity - by 0.5 percentage points for employers and 0.5 percentage points for employees. For nonpayers can be entered special payment.

As for the progressivity of personal income tax, the coalition partners are still waiting for calculations from the Ministry of Finance to continue the discussion.