"I have a few years of living in Holland. In August going to come to Latvia to visit his parents. To go think in his car. I have heard that it's kind of like you have to pay tax if you're in a foreign room (I have a Dutch number). Is this true?" - asked Eugene.

In Directorate of safety of traffic (CSDD) DELFI Reporter said that you have to pay tax even in that case, if the declared place of residence in Latvia, but he lives abroad and comes here by car with foreign license plates.

The obligation of tax payment specified in the law "About the tax to the operation of the vehicle and passenger vehicles for the enterprises" (further - the law). In turn, the tax payment procedure specified in the Cabinet regulations Nr.858 "the Order of payment of tax on the operation of the vehicle and passenger vehicles for businesses".

The rules of the KM said that a tax on the operation of the vehicle charge before registered abroad the vehicle of categories M1 (passenger car) and N1 (truck, GVW not exceeding 3.5 tonnes) will be used in Latvia. Registered abroad the vehicle is any vehicle which participates in road traffic in Latvia issued abroad license plates (including transit).

The tax charge in the amount stipulated in article 9.1 of the law, and his costs of payment are borne by the driver:

  • the day - 10 euros
  • per month - 250 euros
  • for the six months - 600 euros
  • for the year - € 1000.

You can pay using a payment card in the system e-services of CSDD, cash or payment card in the terminal for accepting payment cards at the box office of the CSDD.

For the payment of tax, it is necessary to specify the personal data of the driver