Users write that you should not rely on the stock "find cheaper and we will refund you the money." "Mattress stores that offer a money back contract with manufacturers to manufacture absolutely identical models, but with different names for different stores, and therefore to benefit from this action is impossible", — said one of the visitors of Reddit.

The former waiter told us how to cheat the visitors of the restaurants. "One day I decided to pour the soup from the Cup into the empty bowl (the bowl of soup was much more expensive Cup). The bowl was filled to the brim" — he shared the observation.

One of the users advised to be attentive to what is sold in flower shops. He said that once his friend boasted that purchased the cactus blooms all year. Looking at the flower, the man saw that he was artificial and simply glued to the plant.

Another user-for example, florists explained how to operate the action. At school, he instructed to sell geraniums for 25 cents each, but none of them showed any interest in buying the plants. Then the little seller made a sign "Buy one geranium per dollar and get three for free", and the flowers instantly sold out.

Another user remembered his companion slyly makes his wanting to get rid of annoying raccoons. He catches pesky animals in one area and throws them into another to the inhabitants of the surrounding houses turned to him for help.

Sales consultants use more subtle methods of "divorce" clients. A visitor under the name philopsilofer described a few of these above. For example, consultants in stores to pretend that they donít care whether you are buying a commodity on the stock. Excessive activity can scare off potential buyers, says the user. Also vendors are creating artificial shortage.