According to State police, during searches for the boy, the police asked people to report any known information that could help in the search for the child, and received on these phones and the special e-mail address a lot of calls and video.

In the framework of the performance audit of the Bureau of internal security in cooperation with the Department of the order police check as processed all incoming information.

Currently it has identified a case where a police officer received information about the possible whereabouts of the child on the previous day, presumably not sent this information to the search party, thereby grossly violating the instructions.

On this fact initiated disciplinary proceedings, the employee is suspended from duty, and the information transferred to the Bureau of internal security.

At the same time the head of popolizio ints kuzis instructed to perform the logistics and organization of work on search of Vani.

Five-year Vanya Berladin went missing on the morning of 1 July. Within 10 days they searched for him, several thousand people — police, soldiers and volunteers. On Tuesday, July 11, joeís body was discovered in a forest near the village of Dubeni Gruzinskoi parish, where he probably was, accidentally confusing the buses.