3.* Erogenous points on the neck

How it works: go to the girl from behind, put hairs that cover the neck and begins to cover her with kisses. First kiss one direction, then the second. Note: first of all make sure she is ready for such intimacy, otherwise you can grab a resounding slap.

2. Erogenous point on the wrist

How it works: Gently slide your finger along the skin on the inside of her wrist, a little tickle. If the situation is conducive, you can even gently lick. You know, few people realize that in this place the woman's erogenous zone, because, becoming a pioneer, you will be pleasantly rewarded.

3. Erogenous points on the elbows

How it works: Cut her elbow kissing the inner side. Do not be surprised, in fact, this gesture much more intimate than it seems. Don't try to bite.

4. Erogenous points in the hair

How it works: Run your fingers through her hair, sensual massage your scalp. The girl felt a surge of happiness, because at this time her blood will be released endorphins. Just be careful, don't mess her hair.

5. Erogenous dot knees

How it works: Gently slide your finger under her knee — where the girls very carefully hidden erogenous zone. If at this moment she is laughing from the tickling, you can safely use heavy artillery — kiss and gently nibble this place.

6. Erogenous zones on the ear lobe

How it works: pull on the tip of the tongue and bite it, then move on to the Central part of the eye. At this point, suspend and watch her reaction — many girls do not like when a man climbs in her ear language. If she pushed you and ran over with a napkin, quietly rejoice and continue to caress this wonderful female erogenous zone.

7. Erogenous points on the feet

How it works: Remember — in order to win the heart (and other vital organs) girls, we should start with her feet. Gently massage her feet and heels, also give attention to the toes and ankles. Try to find a point that is slightly below the Achilles tendon on the back of the ankle. According to practitioners, she accumulates sexual energy.

8. Erogenous points on the lips

How it works: Lick the upper lip of the girl, and try his lower lip to stimulate the frenulum of the tongue. This zone they strongly associated nerves with the most important organs for sex, but because if you never make a mistake, the reaction partner pleasantly surprise you.

9. Erogenous points on the priest

How it works: Touch her lower back (if you follow the textbook of anatomy, "in the sacrum area"). Don't forget a little walk along the spine, gradually going down to the buttocks. They can give vent to his hands, besides, this prelude can be called erotic massage.

10. All other erogenous points

How it works: If you know enough of each other, and are without clothing, feel free to skip to the end: stroking her entire body, from bottom to top and Vice versa. If your hands are not rough and you control the force of the pressure, it is possible that this is what happens. In General, if you are already naked and lying in the same bed — it means that something is already out.