"After negotiations with Mikhail Borisovich Khodorkovsky I decided to join the "Open Russia". I'm sure my dad Vladimir Stefanovich Litvinenko, the rector of St. Petersburg mining University, me in this decision supports," wrote Olga Litvinenko in "Facebook.

As noted Litvinenko, she believes in the father, despite the fact that "he has friends like Arkady Dvorkovich and Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin".

"Inspired charisma Hodorkovskogo"

In an interview with TV channel "Rain" Litvinenko said she was "inspired by the charism of Khodorkovsky and his confidence that Russia can and must be saved from dictatorship and ways to the iron curtain".

Olga Litvinenko from 2007 to 2011 was a member of the Legislative Assembly of St.-Petersburg from party "Fair Russia". Six years ago, she left Russia.

"I think that, even while outside the country, I, as a patriot of his country can do a lot to ensure that the next generation of Russians, thinking about the dictatorship of Putin knew about all the crimes against the person, against the freedom of expression, against the citizens of their country," she commented on his decision to join the "Open Russia".

Rector-the millionaire

Rector of St. Petersburg mining University Vladimir Litvinenko, double-headed Putin's campaign headquarters.

In 2014, Litvinenko was included in the list of richest leaders of the Russian universities.
In 2017, it took 122 place in the rating of 200 richest businessmen of Russia according to Forbes. According to the magazine, his assets amounted to $ 850 million.

"Undesirable organization"

"Open Russia" was founded by Yukos shareholders and private individuals in 2001. Russia's investigative Committee repeatedly conducted searches in offices and apartments of employees of Open Russia, living in Moscow.