The representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the country Baba cissé said that currently "the situation is under control", but the victims could not be avoided. While it is known about two victims. One of them has dual citizenship of France and Gabon, the origin of the second victim there is no information.

An eyewitness told the news Agency that while the attack was in the immediate vicinity of the resort. According to him, the tourists immediately began to flee, and two officers began a firefight with the attackers. Later the place was approached by four police cars and French soldiers in armoured vehicles. Over tourist complex in the circling helicopter.

Around midnight Moscow time it became known that intelligence agencies during the operation managed to free 32 hostages held by the militants. The exact number of people that can stay in the resort, not specified.

No terrorist group to date has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Note that in Mali regular attacks occur at the place of stay of foreigners. One of the bloodiest attacks was the attack on the Radisson Blu hotel in Bamako. The militants then kidnapped 170 people. Criminals were eliminated during the assault. Among the dead civilians were six citizens of Russia, employees of airline "Volga-Dnepr".

Responsibility for the attack took on terrorist group "al-Murabitun" associated with banned in Russia, "al-Qaeda".