"In the Latvian society there are different points of view about the EU, but I think that anyone who delves into Finance, politics and social Affairs, understands that a scenario of output of Latvia from EU no: then we will find ourselves in the zone of influence of Russia with all the ensuing consequences," — believes Latvian MEP.

Robert Zile am sure that in the interest of Russia to weaken both the EU and other Western institutions such as NATO military bloc. In his opinion, the policy of Vladimir Putin recently directed to try to show Western democracy as a dysfunctional body that can't work.

"Accordingly, the weaker will be the international bodies, the more Putin will be able to carry on conversations with the major powers, primarily the USA, and maybe Germany and France. The other countries are unimportant", says Zile.

According to him, Russian interests are manifest in the project "Nord Stream 2" (construction of a gas pipeline under the Baltic sea from Russia to Germany), where its purpose is to divide the EU by playing on the contradictions of the countries, and to cooperate only with large countries have an objective interest to carry out the project, contrary to the common interest of the EU. "Project "Nord stream 2" more of everything "hurts" the countries of Eastern Europe, not to mention Ukraine, will benefit German chemical industry, and perhaps a few neighbors of Germany", — said the MEP.

"Russia is not working with the whole European Union and not asking for help to keep the overall gas pipeline project of the EU, and is working on a clash of interests and countries. The project "Northern stream 2" is a classic example, when Russia tries to split as a small gas market of the Baltic States and in the EU", — said Robert Zile.

Previously, Zile stated that the purpose of Vladimir Putin — "cause erosion" in all the European bodies.