According to the European Commission, the European Agency of border and coast guard completed the analysis of the vulnerability of external borders and issued 20 specific proposals for the countries of the Schengen zone.

Progress has also been made in the negotiations with Serbia, and the European Commission in the near future plans to start negotiations with other neighboring countries — Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

Although the pace of transactions on the return, organized by the European coastal and border security, continued to grow, and to date, 6799 returned migrants, whose stay was illegal, concluded that member countries should more actively and to a greater extent to use Agency support for operations on return.

However, progress has been made in the area of movement, and has already displaced almost 75% (16 out of 22 149 504) employees for which an agreement was reached in July 2015.

As reported, on 13 June, the European Commission started a procedure of violation in respect of three countries — Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic — on the non-implementation of quotas on the admission of refugees.