Punitive measures of Brussels suggested, in particular, a ban on the import of products into the European Union from the territory of the Peninsula and Sevastopol and apply to individuals from EU-based companies there. Illegal recognition of investment in the region, cooperation with suppliers, investments in real estate and financing in the Crimea enterprises.

Restrictions apply to the tourism sector. So, European cruise ships were ordered not to enter the ports of the Peninsula, with the exception of emergency cases.

In addition, it is prohibited to import to the Crimea "of certain goods and technology" that can be used in transport, telecommunications and energy sectors, as well as be used in the extraction of oil and gas and mineral resources.

"The EU continues to condemn the illegal annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol of the Russian Federation and intends to fully implement its policy of non-recognition" of the capture of the Peninsula, the press service of the Council of the European Union.