Abilities said that the problem with the construction connected with an old family conflicts around property in the dune area. The Deputy, along with other family members owns a restaurant Kūriņš in Kaugurciems. The school is located in the building, where in Soviet times there was communal housing. After denationalization and restitution of rights of ownership between the heirs began the "war".

The MP said that for several years he, along with some relatives gradually rebuilt the restaurant, and these changes were illegal, because to negotiate with other heirs was impossible. Just last year the property has been completely redeemed, however, in November Stroyeva received a complaint regarding illegal construction.

The inspector found that the building and remodeled residential and commercial area, attached carport and toilet built without a building permit. The Deputy admitted the violation and undertook during the year to develop a local plan and to put in order all the documents. The administrative penalty in this case, it was decided not to apply.