The Latvian team lost in the group stage UCM-2017 all four games and for the third year in a row fighting for the right to extend the registration among the strongest for another season. Opponents of the Latvian hockey players this year were peers from Belarus, who also lost all their matches in the group.

Series for survival lasts up to two victories. Yesterday was the first match and he left for Belarusians (2:0), today the national team of Latvia has managed to take revenge.

The second game started with a quick removal in the Latvian team, which implemented the Belarusians failed. Five minutes later the team of Igor Smirnov received the most and unlike yesterday's game was able to finally dispose of such a chance: the account was opened, Bergner Egle— 1:0.

Until the end of the period both teams again received the numerical superiority, but the score is not affected and the minimum margin of the Latvians remained until the middle of the match, while Sergei Sapego has failed to restore the balance— 1:1.

Three minutes before the second break, the national team of Latvia for the second time in the match went ahead, scored when Denis Smirnov. And in the beginning of the final third of the Latvians can reach success, if better played this the most.

What did not work for the Latvian team, made Belarus. In the middle of the period already she got the opportunity to play too much with this challenge: Andrey Pavlenko again equalized— 2:2.

It went to overtime again, but this time the wards of Igor Smirnov managed to score in regulation time and scored again Egle. Its goal became victorious— 3:2.

Thus, in a series of elimination from the elite division of UCM-2017 will play a decisive third match, which will be held on Sunday, April 23.

UCM-2017. Consolation round. The struggle for survival (second match):

Latvia (U-18) — Belarus (U-18) — 3:2 (1:0, 1:1, 1:1)
Goals: 1:0 Egle (Berzins, Crolles, 08.23-bol.). 1:1 Sapieha (Drozdov, Eremenko, 30.19). 2:1 D. Smirnov (Paskauskas, Egle, 37.06). 2:2 Pavlenko (Sapieha, Baltrum, 49.58-bol.). 3:2 Egle (Asonov, Berzins, 55.07).

Shots: 25 — 33.
Goalkeepers: Rauza — Grishchenko.
Fine: 20 — 10.
21 APR. Spisska Nova Ves. The "winter". 309 spectators.
Account in the series: 1-1.