Assessment Ilves, the Arab spring, orange revolution in Ukraine and the Maidan happened inside. The rose revolution in Georgia, the Singing revolution in Estonia and Latvia were not the work of someone's hands. Prague spring was not made out, — said Ilves in the journal Vikerraadio.

"This statement is so absurd. All who have dealt with these societies, which were dominated by repression, authoritarianism, know that people do not suffer, they do not want. It's all happening inside," said the outgoing President.

"Of course, some people helpful to claim that it is made by other forces. It diminishes the human soul, they say, they would not go against the authoritarian system. This is a paranoid fantasy," said the President and added that the Union at the time said the same thing regarding the uprisings in Hungary and Prague.

The host mentioned in the question regarding the differences of value systems of Russia and the West, and the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov, and his categorical opposition to whatever changes in Russia.

"With regard to the system of values of the mentioned person (Sergei Lavrov — approx. ed), although it may take a while to scold and greatly degraded, decadent Western values, his own daughter — a graduate of my University. And, as I understand it, ago she does not want to return," — said Ilves.