The victory on the German stage was won by Russian rider Artem Laguta, who scored 15 points. Lebedev in five races, three wins, once was second and third in the amount scored 14 points and became the second.

After the preliminary stage from Lahuti, Lebedev and the German Kai Huckenbeck had 12 points, and additional indicators automatic places in the final got speediest Latvian and Russian.

In the final Laguta confidently finished first, while Lebedev in stiff competition with the poles Krzysztof Kasprzak managed to beat the opponent to take second place. So highly informed on the stages of the championship of Europe the representatives of Latvia was not raised.

In the first stage of personal CHE in Poland Andrzej Lebedev was third after two stages with 25 points he took the lead. On point less — lagute 4 — the Czech Vaclav Milik.

It is worth noting that in the first half of the season in qualifying leading Latvian speediest Lebedev failed to win a place in the finals of the European championship, but later he, like last year, received a Wild Card.

The third stage will take place on 5 August in the Swedish Hostavice the last — 16 of September in the Polish city of Lublin. Last season was won by Dane Nicki Pedersen, and Lebedev took 9-th place in the TH, and in 2014-m Maxim Bogdanov was the sixth.

In past seasons Lebedev spoke for Daugavpils "locomotive", and with this season in the Polish Extraliga team "Sparta" (Wroclaw).