The Dagnija engaged in the development and implementation of various programs for improving health — including the delivery of healthy eating for the whole day for customers of his restaurant, management project Sulu kūres and other activities. "What we do is not weight loss at any cost, which, no doubt, true for many. The treatment of juices is designed to help you achieve inner balance, improve health, come to stability and harmony in the long term," says Dagnija, adding that young people rarely think about their health.

She thinks that in the age of 20-30 people in their priorities most likely to see career, family, buying a house and car, and then, much later, begin to strive for happiness and harmony. She is trying to help them. "Not all middle-aged people happy, let's be honest," says Dagnija.

Perhaps no one will ever see me dance, but it doesn't matter, because I'm having fun.The Dagnija the Brouwer about dancing

The Dagnija recognizes that a healthy lifestyle started to be interested in, because she didn't feel good in my body often felt tired. "I also didn't like to be full," she says, explaining that attempts to improve health have led to more weight gain. Then she decided to give up meat.

This was followed by a turn in his career and that seemed a logical step, because the previous activity (before, Dagnija worked as a stylist) started to seem boring. "I realized that I no longer care what you will wear this or that person, and then I asked myself — that I was the stylist and what I am a consultant? Who needs it? I'm interested in the conversation, I'm interested in, say, topics that we will discuss. There is something in it." So, Dagnija began to look for new ways to realize themselves. The first step was to organize a project for treatment of juices. It was followed by learning and improving.