This meeting was in many respects decisive in the fight for the play-offs. Before the race, the two rivals were set for a tough fight, the guests had planned to get at least a bonus in the sum of two meetings, our team needed a victory with a minimum of 9 points.

The first race left for the racers "Polonia", although the arrival Maxim Bogdanov fought Norbert Kostyuchok, who eventually lost at the finish. Eugene Kostygov made a mistake and went outside, where "dug" and left without points.

The second race, no doubt, left for the Junior pair of "Locomotive". By the way, the juniors Saw this evening were not competitors young riders Daugavpils team. Their duel with their peers from the society and became the most memorable to this day. In the sixth race, for example, Oleg Mikhailov ahead of Adrian Civera, and in the eighth — Davis Kurmis bypassed Brady Kurtz.

Before the third race in a match won Pwajok, and Thomas Jonasson came in third position. Thomas said that he almost fell into the settings at the start, then made some changes in the future have not lost a single race.

The advantage of "Locomotive" has grown, in only the 12th race was recorded the first draw in which Kostuch, the strongest rider of the guests that day, brought a couple of Michael Pwajok.

To the 13th lap, when the score was 55:23, it became clear that "the locomotive" has fulfilled the plan for the race, so in the nominated races it was decided to release juniors. And if in the 14th pair Pwajok — Kostygov lost outright (1:5) then in the last race of the day, Michaels was able to fight with the strongest riders and bring an opponent 2 points, ahead of Adrian Cifer.

Final score 58:32 allowed the "locomotive" to rise to first place in the overall championship. Race showed that the team is on a good run and still able to fight for the highest places.

After the race trainer Dinan Nikolay Kokin has not hide his joy and said that the track was prepared perfectly, so it worked. It is worth noting the growth of Junior "Locomotive", as well as drive Eugene Kostygov in the adult room. He himself generally satisfied with his performance, because the previous race in Bydgoszcz he frankly has not worked, and the house turned out much better. The Manager of the guests did not hide disappointment, teams expected to compete for the bonus, and as a result suffered a crushing defeat.

22 June will be the match of the leaders: "locomotive" will hold the rescheduled race in tarnów, and on June 25, at 16:00 at the Riga highway in fifth place qualifying race for the team world Cup Speedway.

Lokomotiv Daugavpils— 58

9. Maksims Bogdanovs— 11 (2,3,3,3,-)
10. Jevgeņijs Kostigovs— 7 2 (0,2*,2*,3,0)
11. Ķasts Puodžuks— 9 (3,1,3,1,1)
12. Tomas H. Jonasson— 8 2 (1,3,2*,2*)
13. Timo Lahti— 11 1 (3,3,3,2*,-)
14. Olegs Mihailovs— 7 1 (2*,1,2,2)
15. Dāvis Kurmis— 5 (3,1,1,0)

Euro Finannce Polonia Piła— 32
1. Norbert Kościuch— 14 (3,2,2,1,3,3)
2. Wadim Tarasienko— 1 (1,0,-,0)
3. Adrian Cyfer— 7 (2,0,1,-,3,1)
4. Brady Kurtz— 5 1 (0,2,0,0,1,2*)
5. Tomasz Gapiński— 4 (2,1,1,0,-)
6. Kacper Grzegorczyk — 0 (0,CX,CX)
7. Adrian Woźniak— 1 (1,0,0)

The course of the race:
1. (70,25) Kościuch, Bogdanovs, Tarasienko, Kostigovs 2:4
2. (70,14) Kurmis, Mihailovs, Woźniak, Grzegorczyk 5:1 (7:5)
3. (70,08) Puodžuks, Cyfer, Jonasson, Kurtz 4:2 (11:7)
4. (70,28) Lahti, Gapiński, Kurmis, Woźniak 4:2 (15:9)
5. (70,11) Jonasson, Kościuch, Puodžuks, Tarasienko 4:2 (19:11)
6. (69,81) Lahti, Kurtz, Mihailovs, Cyfer 4:2 (23:13)
7. (70,22) Bogdanovs, Kostigovs, Gapiński, Grzegorczyk (сх4) 5:1 (28:14)
8. (69,96) Lahti, Kościuch, Kurmis, Kurtz 4:2 (32:16)
9. (69,77) Bogdanovs, Kostigovs, Cyfer, Kurtz 5:1 (37:17)
10. (70,42) Puodžuks, Jonasson, Gapiński, Woźniak 5:1 (42:18)
11. (70,19) Kostigovs, Lahti, Kościuch, Tarasienko 5:1 (47:19)
12. (69,69) Kościuch, Mihailovs, Puodžuks, Grzegorczyk (сх4) 3:3 (50:22)
13. (69,68) Bogdanovs, Jonasson, Kurtz, Gapiński 5:1 (55:23)
14. (70,12) Cyfer, Kurtz, Puodžuks, Kostigovs 1:5 (56:28)
15. (69,19) Kościuch, Mihailovs, Cyfer, Kurmis 2:4 (58:32)