Visit the London police on Twitter noted that the guards are in place "a major incident" on the street seven Sisters road (Seven Sisters Road). Meanwhile, emergency services in the British capital urge citizens to look for detours, since the area of the incident is now closed.

The newspaper the Telegraph, citing eyewitnesses reported that a van was driving on the sidewalk, knocking people.

Judging by the photos from social networks in place there are more than a dozen emergency vehicles and the police. Eyewitnesses of the incident writing that he saw several people lying on the ground. Law enforcement officials before arrival of physicians tried to provide them with the necessary first aid. According to residents of London, close to Finsbury Park, now also present armed police.

It is not clear whether the driver deliberately drove the car at people. So, one of the interlocutors of radio station LBC said that it looked like was driving the van man has not coped with management.

According to preliminary data, the area of London where the incident occurred, is known for the fact that it was home to a large number of Muslims. A car crashed into people at exactly the moment when they were leaving the mosque.

TASS reported citing The Daily Mail reports that as a result of the pedestrians suffered more than ten people. Reuters reports that at least ten people were injured. According to some, after the car hit people on the sidewalk, he ran out of the man with the knife in his hand. There are reports that one person was injured from stab wounds. According to unconfirmed reports the newspaper the Sun, two people were killed and 12 injured.

Hitting was carried out in a time when the faithful were leaving the mosque after night prayer. After the incident, passers-by overpowered the driver and handed him over to the police. The Agency clarifies that we are talking about the famous Salafi mosque, which takes parishioners the North-Eastern part of London.

Prime Minister Theresa may called "horrible" incident in London. "All my thoughts are with those who were injured and their relatives", — said the head of government. Earlier, the leader of the opposition labour party's Jeremy Corbyn said: "I am absolutely appalled by the incident in Finsbury Park, an event tonight. My thoughts are with the community and those who have suffered as a result of this horrific event".