"These photos were taken today on the offices of Maxim, where a year and a half ago has found violations in food storage" is an excerpt from the publication Kristaps Zutis, user of social network Facebook.

In the evening of the 13th of June, he shared photos of the cracks in the ceiling of the shop on my page. Later, this publication has shared more than a hundred people... And the photo shows that the cracks have been watching they have special stamps, which measure the increase in cracks.

Building on Mukusalas, 73 belongs to a company related to the trading network Maxima. And for its technical condition and security, the answer is they are about the problem they know.

"It crack visual. And that element, which is visible next is the beacon for monitoring, we are monitoring the situation — does crack. Maybe visually it doesn't look as good but technical survey of engineers reveals that the building is safe," explains a representative of Maxima Latvija Janis beseres.

A year after the tragedy in the shopping centre Maxima in Zolitude, all the chain stores were surveyed. Including building on the street Mukusalas, Riga. Survey public buildings specialists supervision Bureau for construction.

"Despite the fact that the information about the cracks in the supermarket Maxima on street Mukusalas was published in the social network Facebook, the Office for the supervision of the construction only found out about it from us," says the correspondent of LTV Anastasia Diakonova.

Information about these photo journalists sent to the Bureau electronically. On the same day an engineer from the Bureau examined the building.

"Visually inspecting building, the building inspector of the Bureau on supervision of construction is not stated in any danger. The crack runs along the length of the concrete panels and visually seen that it has not appeared recently. Its minimum width (hairline fracture)," — says the representative of the Office for the supervision of the construction of Nelda Alsina.

However, within a month experts of the Bureau on supervision of construction has pledged to conduct a full check of the building of the shopping center. Here also call themselves Latvians to act quickly, and possible problems in public buildings to report in the first place not in Facebook, and apply directly to the Bureau for supervision of construction. On the home page www.bvkb.gov.lv there is a section to report a dangerous building.