A new study has shown that broccoli also can fight with diabetes of the 2nd type. Researchers believe: probably a broccoli extract can reduce the diabetics blood sugar levels, reports Zee News.

From diabetes of the 2nd type affects about 450 million people in the world. 15% of them can't take Metformin (drug for diabetes) because of the risk of kidney damage. Employees of Lund University conducted a study on rats. Experts have determined that the sulforaphane contained in broccoli suppressed the production of glucose by liver cells and the expression of genes associated with diabetes in experimental animals. The effectiveness of sulforaphane was comparable with the efficiency of Metformin.

In another study conducted by researchers, involved 97 patients with obesity and uncontrolled diabetes mellitus of the 2nd type. After 13 weeks, the researchers found: broccoli extract reduced the participants ' levels of glucose in fasting blood and glycated hemoglobin compared with the control group. In the study, experts have identified a "genetic signature" of diabetes and studied 3852 connection, able to cope with the disease.