This year was the first time such a large-scale international training exercise "Saber Strike", was conducted outside of the ādaži landfill on the territory of several Latvian districts.

The national armed force (NAF) would continue this practice, because, firstly, it improves the ability of the armed forces to navigate the terrain, and secondly, contributes to a better understanding of the NAF and NATO in the society. "But the most important is that the exercises for strengthening the security of Latvia and its residents," — said Galkin.

Exercises outside the polygon in Adazi can cause misunderstandings among residents, he acknowledged, but the defense Ministry before the exercise on different information channels have notified residents about the upcoming military exercise "Saber Strike".

"We respect the opinion and the needs of the people and the potential dissatisfaction of what is happening, so we apologize for the inconvenience," — said Galkin, adding that the military exercises in civilian areas carried out in other Western countries, such as Estonia.

The active phase of the military exercise "Saber Strike 2017" in Latvia was held on the ādaži landfill from the 3rd-15th of June. From the 9th to 14th of June, the exercises were held outside the polygon — Amatcam, Malinska, Ogre, Repackage, Salaspils and Stopanska edges, where units of the battalion level, moving in armored vehicles, to perform tasks in the territories agreed with land owners.

This year, the country leading the exercises, is Latvia. In the exercises involved more than 2,000 personnel from Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Norway, UK, Poland, Slovakia and the USA.