"The deployment of new military contingents will not contribute to stability and security in the region, so we are strongly against the deployment of NATO troops in the Baltic States and Poland. This obliges the other party to take action and contribute to the arms race, as during the cold war," said Mackay.

He also commented on the possibility of placing Russian military bases on the territory of Belarus. "A new foreign military base in Belarus does not make sense, because modern weapons allows Russia to react equally fast with its own territory. We don't want to be a new irritant in our region", - said the Belarusian Minister.

In addition, Vladimir Makei touched upon the upcoming joint military exercises "West-2017".

"They are planned exercises, which are held every two years. You must wait until they run out, for all to see the absurdity of the charges. Our neighbors can be calm, because the territory of Belarus will never be a source of war or military threat. The exercise will be transparent. We will invite observers from neighboring countries, representatives of the OSCE and accredited embassies," - noted the Minister.