The tragic incident occurred on June 17 during the presentation of Aire-sur-l'adour in southwest France. 36-year-old Matador entangled in the cloak and fell to the ground, the bull's horns grazed his lung.

Fandango urgently was hospitalised in one of the local hospitals, but doctors were unable to save him. "Hurry up, I die," were the last words of Matador, which is his first of the bull defeated in 14 years.

Subsequently, bull horn pierced fandino, was killed.

This is the second case with a fatal outcome in a bullfight over the last year. In July 2016 in the Spanish city of Teruel killed 29-year-old Matador Victor Barrion: the tragedy was the first case of death for the Matador since 1985.

The tragic battle of Barrio with the bull was broadcast live. 520-pound bull named Lorenzo butted Matador, and then a bounce. After the fall of the Barrio to the ground, the bull stepped on his chest. The man died on the way to hospital from loss of blood.

Only in the XX century in Spain bulls are killed 134 people, among them 33 — the matadors.