The journey lasted three years, during all transitions of the crew of the sailing catamaran went without modern tools, navigating by the stars.
The expedition sought to use the same methods as the first Polynesian settlers to Hawaii hundreds of years ago. Hawaii expedition was solemnly welcomed in the lagoon of magic island in Honolulu.

"Hokulea," was built specifically for scientific expeditions, the most famous of which was made in 1976. Then the ship went from Hawaii to Tahiti in order to confirm the anthropological theory about the origin of the peoples of these Islands.

During the circumnavigation canoe passed 40 thousand nautical miles (74 km). It was called "Malama Honu" (Malama Honu voyage), which means "Care for our island earth".

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The purpose of the trip was to draw attention to the need to support and protect indigenous peoples.

"Hokulea" awakened interest in the Hawaiian culture, language, identity, quickened the journey and navigation traditions of the Pacific" - said the organizer of the expedition on its website.

Naalehu Anthony, crew member and Executive Director of the Hawaii media company Oiwi TV, which covered the mission, told public radio Hawaii, wherever they were, the people welcomed their Hawaiian greeting "Aloha". The journey, in his words, "gave the opportunity to understand that we are more alike than different".