The Ministry of justice explained that the aim of these courses is not the conclusion of an increasing number of marriages and the introduction of the newlyweds with life situations that await them in family life. They will tell you what to expect from family how to plan a family budget, raise children and bring order to the legal aspects of marriage.

This year it is planned to train 50 pairs to which the state will allocate a sum of 8000 euros. 24-hour training course consists of four modules — financial, legal, psychological and ethical aspects of marriage, parental duties and responsibilities. While applications for courses was filed by 13 couples, most of them from Riga.

One of the institutions that will implement the program in the pilot project courses — society "House of the Holy family" ("ģimenes Svētās māja"), where such courses were satisfied and informed. In this society, reported that there were cases when after such a course pondered their decisions about marriage.

"We, when we invite people, that are talking about it: communication with other couples helps to understand whether you together, are you ready do become a family. There were cases when couples really thought about it," admitted the Director of "ģimenes Svētās māja" Inese Svekle.

"We Trun to say that the couple makes later. At our information, we can hope that they will go and apply for, and then listen to the course. The two couples promised to take courses because it is
in their interests, but there are couples who say that the time they have already planned out and because of the employment they can't be," said senior inspector of the Department Department of Civil status Maiga Libyate.

The LNT Ziņas recalls that last year in Latvia was signed by about 13,000 marriages and number of divorces has exceeded 6000. Most families fall apart after 5-9 years of marriage and more than one hundred marriages broke up, not after a year. However, this is only the official data: in Latvia, many couples live in a civil marriage, without registration.2.*