How explained to portal DELFI the head of tour operator Tez Tour Konstantin Palgov, in the summer season in Egypt organized tourists from Latvia't fly. Therefore, in these hotels could not be those who purchased tours in Latvia. In General, the situation in Egypt is normalized, and the crime, most likely, is domestic in nature.

The Latvian foreign Ministry also has not yet reported whether these hotels are citizens or residents of Latvia.

Two women who were killed during the attack on the hotels in Egypt Hurghada, was a citizen of Germany, not Ukraine. About it to Agency Reuters said the representative of the security of the red sea region General Mohamed El-Khamzavi, reports portal Meduza.

The result of the incident suffered a tourist from the Czech Republic, confirmed the news Agency in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of this country. Earlier it became known that the injured citizen of the Russian Federation and Ukraine and two citizens of Armenia.

The attack occurred in the afternoon on July 14. A man allegedly caught in a hotel by the sea with a public beach, attacked vacationing at the hotel of foreigners with a knife. According to the Associated Press, at the time of the attack, he shouted in Arabic: "get out of the way, I need not Egyptians".

According to Reuters, first he wounded four people in the hotel Zahabia, and then two more in a nearby Sunny Days El Palacio.

It managed to hold. Official information about his motives yet.