Today they are going to play 17 performances – all with full halls, a constant interest of the audience and good reviews from critics. For the new season, the show has matured for the summer to gain experience non-professional actors – adults and held in their occupations the people to fullness of life was creativity. And here they found him, and literally bathed in it.

It is noteworthy that many participants in the Stadia find time for another important project – "Al. The clown": Charkovska and harkavy teach new "clown doctor", and the actors in his spare time wearing red noses and...

In October Stadia opened a new season. It is interesting to observe how the performance varies with our lives and thereby alter the perception of the audience. There is another news: one of the most ambiguous and controversial characters in the play - "guy in pink jeans" - will play new artist. A new design is always a new twist. So, those who come to the performances now, you will see a very different story.

"She, in the absence of love and death" is one of the major dramatic works of the famous writer, playwright, broadcaster, and writer Edvard Radzinsky, which was written in 1979 and became an iconic love story for a generation. HE, SHE, HIS WIFE, FRIEND, THEY, or rather WE, people living side by side, and hiding from each other their fears and problems.

In the performance art platform Stadia the plot of the play told and shown the current 30-year-old, who speak from the stage about the time when their parents were slightly over 30 MB. New times, new people... And old tragedies. The action takes place in a huge "small apartment" where many entrances, and all desperate to find a way that leads to happiness...

Next performances – 12 and 26 November at 19.00 in the premises of the Riga small theatre (Riga, Stabu street, 18S).

Details - and on the project page at facebook.

Tickets – here.