1. For the first time the passport was mentioned in the Bible

In the book of Nehemiah is said about a letter which gave the right of free passage through Judea. In fact, in today's passports about the right of way and the provision of possible assistance is also spoken of and rarely what country does not include a reference to this in the document.

2. The first real passport was issued in England

It happened in the XV century and invented to give a document of king Henry V. the First of the passport was intended for use abroad with the purpose of identification. Today in the UK, passports are issued in the Queen's name. Or king.

3. The passport of the citizen of Germany — the most "powerful"

Не просто "книжечка": 12 захватывающих фактов о паспорте, о которых вы не знали
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The Germans only having your passport can freely enter in 176 countries of the 218 possible. Next go Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Spain, USA and UK. Latvia on the 12th place.

4. Israeli passport — the champion on number of the countries that do not recognize

As many as 16 — Syria, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Algeria, Bangladesh, Brunei, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Eight of them — Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen and Libya — banned entry to passport holders with an Israeli visa.

And the citizens of Armenia can not with your passport to enter to Azerbaijan. The citizens of Azerbaijan to visit Armenia even does not need a visa.

5. Covers almost all passports in the world gravitate to one of four colors

Не просто "книжечка": 12 захватывающих фактов о паспорте, о которых вы не знали
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Namely, to the red, green, blue or black. In the EU almost all passports "about red", whereas in the Americas is dominated by blue and its derivatives. Turkey recently changed the cover of the passport to wine — to be closer to the EU. But in General in most Muslim countries, the color cover passport green because this color has a special significance for their religion. Only a few countries are highlighted in bright colors. For example, a Swiss passport bright red, and the Singapore — orange-red.

6. Passports of some countries hidden hidden "chips"

So, if the Norwegian passport to Shine ultraviolet light, it will appear the image of the Aurora. And if you do the same with the pages of a canadian passport — it is possible to see the fireworks. If the pages of the Finnish passport quickly flow through the fingers (as an animated book) painted on them, the elk will come to life. The same effect is in the passport of Slovenia.

7. The stamps, which put in the passport at the border, don't have to be boring

For example, if you arrive on Easter Island, which legally belong to Chile, the border guards put a stamp in the passport as the famous statues. Nowhere else in Chile a stamp to produce will not succeed. The same gift is waiting for visitors to Machu Picchu.

8. Some countries basically do not put stamps in passport

Не просто "книжечка": 12 захватывающих фактов о паспорте, о которых вы не знали
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For example, in the Vatican the stamp in the passport can not be supplied even for money — its just not. Here, for example, in Andorra, it can be arranged. A similar policy is followed many other micro States in Europe.

9. Originally passports were no pictures

And when they finally began to make mandatory, you can provide any photo, even a family. The main requirement is to see the face. For example, sir Conan Doyle, getting a passport in 1915, presented a photo, which was captured by he, his wife, and two sons. And they all sat in the buggy. Smile at first, too. In fact, the ban on the expression of emotions in most EU countries have introduced only some 10-15 years.

10. The heads of state special passport... or not at all

Не просто "книжечка": 12 захватывающих фактов о паспорте, о которых вы не знали
Foto: Reuters/Scanpix

For example, the Queen of England is free to travel wherever he wants without a passport (on the other members of the Royal family is not covered). Presidents of different countries and members of their families, as well as some other top officials of the state usually receive a special diplomatic passport. They not only guarantee free entry into almost all countries of the world, but work like a VIP pass at airports. In some countries, for example USA, a diplomatic passport be issued to President for life, and it continues to operate even after leaving office.

11. Some countries sell passports

For example, the Kingdom of Tonga was seen in like — become a legal citizen can be had for 32 thousand dollars. As a result, the passport was worthless — the number of countries in South-East Asia stopped to consider his identity document.

12. The most rare passport has only three people in the world

It is a passport of the order of Malta. Despite the fact that it's just the chivalrous religious order of the Roman Catholic Church and it is not considered as a sovereign state, its passport allows visa-free travel to 32 countries around the world, and the order represented in the United Nations and the Council of Europe.