As part of the Chinese team are a few Russians and Finns, a Slovak and canadian. "With other players being negotiated, including with foreigners with experience of playing in the NHL. The third goalie will be from China," — said the Crecen for Cempionatam.

In the first collection teams will arrive 13 Chinese players and a Chinese coach. "The first gathering we will hold in Finland, where we will train for almost a month," said Crecen.

He noted that "we will not throw away money. We have a budget average team in the KHL. The Chinese are very wise people, they believe and understand everything. 51% stake in the club from a Chinese organization that created it.

Russian money club there. China's "Kunlun mountains" is considered as an investment project. This means that if sponsors will invest in our project, they will wait for the return of the money".

Krecic also said to "Sportfest", "I would like to play all matches in Beijing or, at least, in China. But while the question is open. If the arena in time to prepare for friendlies — play. Of course, I would like all the "break in" to the first home match not to strike in a dirt the person. The arena was built by the Canadians to play basketball, and hockey. In China, by the way, if something goes wrong, immediately shot. The contract at me in Chinese — I don't even know what is written there. In any case, I am not afraid, because their actions are responsible".

Head coach of "Kunlun mountains" Vladimir contest named then Euro Jr. said, what objectives is planning to set up a club.

"The team is going in the first year, players from different countries. Everything is new, every team should set the maximum tasks that can be put on the moment, and to make the best possible.

Experience is needed because some things have to go forward. Choose the right course that the team and the system developed to attract the interest of Chinese fans. This sport needs to please the public," said yurzinov in an interview "R-Sport".

Part Of The "Red Star Kunlun"

Goalies: Tom Karhunen, Andrey Makarov

Defenders: Janne Alashara, Anssi Salmela, Tuukka Mäntylä, Dmitry Kostromitin (trial contract), Alexander Mikulovich

Assault: Damien Fleury, Martin BAKOS, Oleg Yashin, Daniel Romantsev (negotiations with "the Locomotive"), Igor Velichkin.