Peter Capaldi, who played the role of the Doctor in 2013 and the last time will appear in the Christmas special series, which will happen his regeneration into a woman. The star of the series "Murder at the beach" (Broadchurch) on the set of "Doctor Who" will meet with an old acquaintance, the Creator of "Murder on the beach" by Chris Cimbalom and David Tenntom, who played the tenth Doctor.

"I'm beside myself with delight and ready to take this heroic journey with Chris and all fans of Doctor Who - said 35-year-old Whitaker. - I'm absolutely stunned, as a feminist, as a woman, as an actress, finally, just as a person who always wants to achieve something, accepts the challenge, does not want to stay in the framework of which he determined".
She also admitted to discussing the role with her husband and agent, used the code word "Clooney", by Association with a "cult actor" George Clooney. "I always knew that the 13th Doctor will be a woman, and I am delighted that we managed to get the main candidate for this role, said Chris Chibnall, which will produce the the Doctor, Steven Moffat is leaving the series along with Capaldi. Her audition for Doctor Who simply amazed us. Jody is in demand, she is funny, resourceful, it will revitalize the role of heat and force".

Capaldi also said that he would like to see in the role of the next Doctor a woman. "All who are familiar with Jodi Whitaker, confirm that she is a wonderful actress, full of charm and very personal, he said. - And most importantly - she is so suited for this special role. It will be a great Doctor".

Fans of Doctor Who reacted immediately to the news about jodie Whitaker in social networks. Some said that now with double the interest will be to watch the show, and others have expressed dissatisfaction with the new structure, noting that Doctors must play the man, and now there is no need to turn on the TV.

"Of course, I am very pleased that a new Doctor will be played by a woman, ' said the novelist Jenny Colgan, who worked recently on the books and radio dramas of Doctor Who. - Steven Moffat a long time to this led thing, so now is the time".

Whitaker starred as Beth Latimer, mother of the murdered boy, in three series of the crime drama "Murder on the beach", commissioned by the ITV channel.
In addition to the TV series, Whitaker starred on the big screen in the films "One day" (One Day), "attack the block" (Attack the Block) and "Classmate and the mystery of the pirate gold" (St Trinian's). And she debuted in the film "Venus" in 2006 where she starred with Peter O Toole.

Traditionally, every Doctor Who is dressed in a unique outfit. In the promotional video of jodie dressed in a cloak, however, in her own words, this is not the final outfit, and she still doesn't know what will be dressed.