"On Sunday night I went to Jurmala, in Dubulti I live. Look, belching black smoke. Immediately call 112 to find out what happened and how safe is it to travel further. I was told that there was a fire and that to go further is not necessary. Say, I live in Jurmala, to which I replied: well then go. Ask: you in the media information conveyed? So that people sitting at home, shut Windows and so on? And get the answer: let us work," says Bernardes.

A man drove to the police point at the entrance to Jurmala and asked if they have any information about the incident? "The time was already seven o'clock in the evening, that is, burned for three hours. But nobody knows anything. Opened the portal DELFI and read that for the fire. Then the police called the station - they too know nothing, then to the traffic police, but I realized that they too know nothing. To the question: where should I call, one could not answer," - says the reader.

Then Bernardas went to the home page of the Ministry of the environment and found the only non-stop phone. "As there don't speak the language, I English not good at talking, we spoke English. We must pay tribute to the man on the other end answered professionally, but then again advised to call 112. Well call, the phone picks up all the same duty and replied: "Yes, we are receiving calls. Our Department of public relations starts to work. Wait! Time already half past seven, and of the Department of public relations is only now beginning to work?!" - does not hide the shock of the reader.

As the conversation with the dispatcher GPS again ended with the words: all right, let us work, Bernardus decided to drive up to the local fire Department. But they said that all the heads on the road.

Approaching the house, the man saw a Playground full of moms with kids. "And above them a huge black cloud and smoke. I'm certainly not an expert, but still said I would with my own children sat in the yard. They agreed, took the children and went home. To find out what is happening and how dangerous it is, I called the Embassy of Lithuania in Latvia. And only at ten o'clock I finally got the answer: Yes, sit at home and close your window - tells the reader.

Last year we in Lithuania also was a serious fire, burning tyres, people were poisoned by smoke and was in the hospital. Suffered major damage to the environment. So in Lithuania there is a service, which in the case of any emergency, e.g., hurricane, sends residents a text warning and instructions on what to do. And rightly so. In such situations, there should be a response plan and mutual coordination of the responsible services. What I saw during the fire in Jurmala is a complete mess. You know, when in Jurmala is a marathon, police standing on every street corner. And when it happens a serious fire, nobody knows anything.

Here I have a few questions: why is in service 112 in a timely manner not inform residents about what to do in such cases why their service for public relations begins to work only a few hours after something happened? Why there is no specialist, who in such cases, you can call and who would tell us how to act? And finally, why to measure pollution experts went today? And before that, residents of Jurmala were forced to breathe this air, not even knowing how he was poisoned!"

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