The warmest water in the lake Babelites — plus 21 degrees, followed by Kipsala ( 19 degrees), Rumbula and Ķīšezers ( 18).

On the beaches of Lucavsala, Daugavgriva and Waterbury water temperature is 16 degrees. The coldest water on the beach in Vecaki — plus 15 degrees.

So far, no accidents in the Riga beaches isn't recorded, however police urged residents not to jump into the water hot — it can trigger seizures. Also holidaymakers are urged to be careful not to overestimate their strength and in any case, do not bathe in an alcohol intoxication.

A lot of people went on 17 June and on the coast. In Jurmala, compared with the first June days, people on the seashore became more noticeable. Rescue service reports that on Saturday afternoon help needed for two people, but in General in this day of incidents on the water and land is not registered.

On Sunday and on Monday afternoon, the air warms up to 21.. 26 degrees. Starting Tuesday the weather conditions in Latvia will determine the South-Western extremity of the cyclone, therefore, expected to be mainly cloudy and rainy weather. Catching the West wind will bring from Scandinavia cold air masses. The day temperature will not exceed 20 degrees. On 23 and 24 June, a high probability of non-permanent and rather cool weather with intermittent rains.