A year and a half, the doctors gave Kate a difficult diagnosis — spinal amyotrophy of Kugelberg-Velander (SMA). As a result of the disease cease to function muscles, deformed spine, compressed the internal organs. Katya, in addition to the strongest curvature of the spine, deformed and hip joints — they squeezed nerves causing constant pain... Walking, sitting and even to move himself, the girl could not.

Eight years ago, when Kate was 17, she lost her mother. For several years she lived in Riga, mother and aunt — in a two-room "Khrushchev" on the fifth floor without a lift. Almost all the time Kate spent lying in bed.

Two years ago, she decided to openly talk about themselves and ask for help. Money is needed to pay for surgery that would give her the opportunity to at least sit in a wheelchair. The request for help has responded to hundreds of caring people. The residents-the students of Moscow art universities and young actors held a charity evening of poetry in support of the girls. A serious amount of money for the operation was collected very quickly. Katya made a lot of friends.

"Were familiar to people who told me to ask for help from strangers ugly. And I could not do it, — says Katya. — And now every day I see how many helpful people in our lives. I know that how you treat people, and they to you.

I recently wrote in the residents of Ogre in social networks requesting to help me in the morning to go out of the house — pull the stroller. And just as soon got over twenty responses from people who offered help. Some were ready to come to help, even from Jelgava. Someone tried to walk. Simple stuff, but they talk about how many people with good hearts..."

Katya underwent three complicated operations in the Finnish clinic Orton, so now she can use the stroller to go on the air. It is possible to sit 8 to 10 hours a day, which is a great achievement.

A year ago, she moved to the Ogre, the younger sister of Nike and stepfather. There apartment is on the first floor, and Katya's mother at the time had to adapt premises to the needs of her daughter — expanded doorways in the rooms and the bathroom so there passed a wheelchair. No concessions Katya never did it in absentia came and studied at the faculty of psychology at the Moscow Institute (now only remained to protect the diploma). And constantly working with the help of the fingers on his right hand is in his iPhone advertising texts in Latvian and Russian languages and, thus, earns a modest money to live on for himself and his sister of a teenager.

In may, with Kate once again was a trouble — sliding down the ramp, she fell from a carriage and sustained a fracture of both legs. This ramp at the entrance of Katya "knocked out" of the housing a few months, but you did it wrong — too much angle. After the fall of the kata will spend six months in plaster. She hopes that the bone will heal sooner and it will not remain all summer without trips.

Management Namusaimnieks city Ogre responded to the incident very quickly, the door already to build a proper ramp. Katya herself as a peaceful person, did not sue the perpetrators of her injuries.

Now Katie the closest people in the world — is a 15-year-old sister of nick and grandfather on my mother's side, living in Ogre near the house girls. Now my stepfather is seriously ill. Expect the girls we mostly have on... nick is struggling to help his sister runs to the store, cleans the apartment, cooks meals, feeds her, goes with her for walks. The farm has a grandfather, who tries not to leave her. Meanwhile, her whole family budget: need money for food, rent and other necessary for living things. From constant work in the phone the evening of Katie's so tired eyes, that she could not distinguish even the largest font.

New wheelchair which presume to make to Kathy on a special project in Germany, can become a real salvation for her and the possibility of at least a hundredth of closer to the life that lives on most healthy people. This stroller she can run with the joystick and touch buttons. And will have the opportunity to move not only the apartment, but even walking down the street. It's enough that the little sister helped her get out of the house and overcome a ramp, and then Katya will be able to do without assistance.

Katya's dream is to travel the boardwalk along the river in Ogre, which is near her home. Due to the special device of wheels and motors in a special new wheelchair she can quite easily overcome rail and tram tracks, which is problematic in my old stroller, even with chaperones.

The average price of the standard model of a wheelchair — 3,500 euros. But in Katya's case it is not necessary. The girl is too small for a standard seat and will be out of it "fall out". For Katie promise to gather individual carriage within the parameters of her figure. For this you need to pay. A total of more than € 7,000. Part of the amount is taken to compensate for the centre "Vaivari".

We need to raise 3968,73 Euro.

The Fund ziedot.lv for Ekaterina Lebedeva opened a special account — here. Any interest or payments on this money is not taken. The entire amount will FULLY go directly to pay for the stroller.

Telephone charity program "Green light" on radio Baltkom 90006383 (1, 42 euros for the call) is working for Katie until July 18.