It is not unusual for scientific publishing project (the book was published "Russian Fund of assistance to education and science"). A kaleidoscope of subjects and themes of concern to the characters in the book – the witnesses are rapidly receding into the past era from the mid 1980-ies till the beginning of XXI century. Eyewitness accounts of the problems of the recent past is illustrated with photographs from personal archives. The publication is intended for a wide readership and will be especially interesting as a historical source in the specified period.

Sounded like a miner's helmet, humpback bridge? Why the publicity helped to detect aliens? Where better to hide during the pogrom? Than breathed the perestroika youth (the story of a psychiatrist Yuri Vagina)? How was that fight for the green happiness of the planet? How Russian rock has lost its revolutionary potential (says Artemy Troitsky)? All this and much more devoted to the book, "She collapsed." A casual history of the USSR and Russia".

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