Since 2010 in London such attacks, according to the police, was committed 1800. Last year there were 458, and almost two times less (261) - in previous, 2015.

The head of the Metropolitan police Cressida dick called the growth of such crimes is disturbing.

"Acid causing horrific injuries. And I'm glad we were able to arrest a man who is suspected of involvement in attacks last night. I don't want people to think that such attacks happen everywhere in London, however, the growth of such crimes is disturbing. We will arrest those involved in these attacks, and we are working with the home office to make the necessary changes in the law," said Cressida dick.

Five attacks Thursday night were committed by two suspects on a motorcycle for 90 minutes in areas of Hackney, Islington and Stoke Newington. Injured one of the victims was named in the police irreversible.

Chronicle of events

  • At 22.25 on Hackney road attacked a 32-year-old man on a moped, two attackers on a moped threw acid in her face.
  • In 22.49 received a message about the man in Islington whom two men on a moped threw acid in her face.
  • At 23.05 there's been another attack by two unknown persons on a moped, this time on Shoreditch high street. The victim sent to the hospital, however, according to the police, wounds are not life-threatening the victim.
  • In 23.18, the police received a report about the robbery on Chasnov road in Stoke Newington, also with the use of chemicals. Arrived at the scene the police officers found a man who splashed in the face with a chemical of his injury is called irreversible.
  • Approximately 23.37 on Chatsworth road in Clapton, was attacked by a man on a moped. It was approached by two men on a moped threw acid in her face and stole his moped. The victim is now in hospital.

Stephen Timms, MP from the labour party in a constituency East ham initiated in the Parliament a discussion of the use of chemical substances. It should be held on Monday.

About a third of all attacks with the use of acids in 2016 was made in the area of nuem, which enters the district Tamsa, from which he was elected.

In interview Bi-bi-si Radio 4, he called to ensure that the wearing of such substances for no particular reason has been equated with possession of a deadly weapon.

"We can identify cases where people may have sulfuric acid at home, perhaps after obtaining a license. However, we must recognize the threat of those who walks the streets with a bottle of sulfuric acid," said he.

One of the Ministers of the home office Sarah Newton calls on the government to tighten control over such substances. However, according to her, it will be hard to do, because "they cost each of us under the sink".

According to her, it is obvious that such chemicals were used as weapons, but it is important to understand the motivations of those who use them to harm others. She also said that the government should revise the punishment for those who use acid as a weapon.