As reported, after the elections the majority of seats in the Metropolitan Council has maintained a consolidated list of "Consent"/"Honour to serve Riga" (CHSR), although it has lost part of its mandates. "Consent"/CHSR scored 50,85% of the vote and got in the new Duma 32 mandates.

Also in the Riga Duma elected candidates of four lists — the Latvian Association of regions (ENT) and the party "For Latvia's development", which was 13,66% of the votes, the New conservative party (NCP) — 13,41% of the votes of the Association "All for Latvia"-"tessema University brivibaj University"/LNNK (VL-TB/LNNK) — 9,24% and "Unity" — 6,26%. ENT/"For the development of Latvia" received in the Metropolitan Council nine seats, the NCP — also nine, VL-TB/LNNK — six, "Unity" is four.

The representatives of the four elected to the city Council "Latvian" parties have already agreed to work together in opposition. The leader of the list of ENT/"For the development of Latvia" Martins Bondars and the leader of the list of the national Association Baiba Brock confirmed to LETA that such an agreement was reached Thursday at a meeting of representatives of these parties, the New conservative party (NCP) and the "Unity".

"Separately on fractions we will not achieve anything, and all together will be quite strong and constructive opposition," said Brock, adding that during the meeting the parties exchanged views on how to work together.

Brock has not confirmed unofficial information that the candidate in mayors from these parties may be the bonders, and a candidate for Vice-mayor — founder of NKP Janis Bordans. These and other questions will be considered.