Transmission notes that as the tax stamp of cigarette ("Juriga"), and the working staff, in both cases appears the same.

A year ago, the transfer of "de facto" told about the loss of the production of cigarettes. Customs police stopped a truck with cigarettes without excise stamps and has found violations in the licensed production of cigarettes of the brand "Juriga", which has been loaded machine. However, it was decided not to launch a criminal investigation and send materials to the state police. Police at the address in Riga on the street Terezes 1, came in a few weeks. By that time, valuable evidence device for manufacturing cigarettes — from the disappeared.

The state police investigated the case a year and a half, but to no avail. The suspects were detained and was not. A year ago, the case of the police returned to the Customs police, which claimed that the case is at the finish line: after receiving the last instructions of the Prosecutor, the responsible person will be called to criminal responsibility.

"In this case, both the organizers and performers. Complete", — assured the head of the Customs police Kaspars Podins. There is a theory that the missing device for the production of cigarettes is outside of Europe. Now put into effect a mechanism of international cooperation, to test this version.

Recently, after two and a half years after the legal establishment of the lost evidence of illegal manufacturing of cigarettes, the Customs police have prevented activities of the clandestine manufacture of cigarettes in Babite region. Detained seven people. Transfer "de facto" received information that there was manufactured cigarette under the same excise mark ("Jurigas"), and some of the workers previously worked in Riga at the above mentioned street Teresas. According to unofficial information, the former head of "Jurigas" Vadim bondarevskiy associated with the new open cigarette manufacturing.

However, the Customs police is in no hurry to publicly link the case of the missing devices with the recently detained persons. "I will say this: there's a pattern, a bunch of coincidences that we check. Check all possible versions, to make conclusions", — said Pedinis.

In the Customs police, which itself did not start an investigation about the possible illegal manufacture of cigarettes "Juriga" facilities on the street Teresas 1, now explain that this will not happen again.

As reported, in late may, near Riga, in Babite, was prevented by the activity of clandestine manufacture of cigarettes. Production was focused on the Scandinavian market, and the attackers caused enormous damage not only Latvia but also other countries.

The searches, during which found the illicit tobacco fariko was conducted in the framework of the long-initiated criminal proceedings. The criminals have equipped the production hangar, the construction of which was not agreed. The hangar was divided into the production area, storage rooms, bathrooms and recreation area. The attackers also set an alarm that warned about the uninvited guests.

For security in the hangar were also made to the back door, which in case of alarm was allowed to leave the production unnoticed. Customs police raided and searched when the work on the production line was in full swing. The power of the detected lines for the production of cigarettes 4000 cigarettes per minute. During the search of the seized cigarettes GOAL, about 4 tons of tobacco, packs, foil, equipment, and a unit to generate electricity.

According to preliminary data, the damage caused by criminals, may exceed EUR 2.5 million. To such conclusion the international experts. The cost of equipment is about one million euros, finished goods — 1.5 million euros. The exact amount of the damage is still going to be installed. Information about the operation under Babite handed over to the police and customs of several European countries to determine where else could be sent tobacco products.