How note in GPS, the fire has been contained after 12 hours after the fire. The total area of fire plastic waste made up 12 000 square meters or 1.2 ha. At the scene continue to work about 50 rescuers. According to preliminary data, incident has done without victims.

The fire in Sloka (Jurmala) happened in the afternoon on June 18. The representative of the state fire and rescue service INTA Sabha said that firefighters received a call at 15:50.

According to eyewitnesses, at the Ventspils highway was visible a huge black smoke. It turned out that the burning of waste. In the House to extinguish the threat of fire left five fire brigades (50 firefighters).

To help in extinguishing the fire were sent two fire-fighting trains of LDz and two firefighting trucks service Gosles, and the helicopter of the National armed forces helped to extinguish the fire from the air.

Near the fire were gathered a few dozen people who have tried to learn more and to shoot them on the phones, trying to get as close as possible to the burning object. Firefighters warned people that get too close is dangerous and that we should not interfere in the conduct of the fighting.

The inhabitants of the districts of Jurmala Sloka and Kauguri recommended to close the Windows in their homes and apartments to smell of smoke and fumes did not penetrate inside the premises. From Riga in the evening of 18 June was also a column of smoke visible from the fire of Jurmala, but it is not represented a threat: the wind scattered the thick black clouds.