According to her, in the underground garage burned two Mercedes Benz and one Honda. One of Mercedes Benz German numbers, and the police admit that the car caught fire first. But the exact cause of the fire will be established in the course of a criminal investigation.

As reported, early on the morning of 20 April in the underground Parking of the house on street Salas, 21, in Riga, a fire broke out. State fire and rescue service received a call on a street and Salas in 6.48. In the basement of the house, burned three cars on an area of 25 sq. m. In social networks there was information that one of the cars allegedly exploded, but GPS stated that they had no such information.

From the burning building were rescued four people (because of the strong smoke, all had to withdraw in special breathing masks) and evacuated 300. In the hospital delivered a 23 year old woman who inhaled a lot of smoke, said the emergency medical services. Rescuers helped the injured get out of the smoky Elevator and handed the doctors of "first".

About an hour later the fire risk was extinguished.