About the discovery of the bodies of the missing sailors said in a statement published on the website of the commander 7-m fleet of the U.S. Navy. They found the rescue team, who were able to get into the space ship in the place where the strike took the hull of a container ship.

"The missing sailors were in the cabins flooded with water. Now they are transported to the naval hospital in Yokosuka, which will be the identification," — said in the statement.

The names of the victims will be announced after the lineup. Japanese media reports clarify that they found the bodies of all seven crew members of the destroyer, missing after a collision with a merchant vessel, said the US Navy command.

The collision occurred before 2:30 a.m. local time, 100 kilometres South-East of the Japanese city of Yokosuka. The destroyer collided with a large container ship "Crystal", which went under the flag of Philippines.

Reports on the movement of ships at sea indicate that a merchant ship, which was about three times heavier than a warship, made a sudden turn around 25 minutes before the crash. Why crystal changed course, unknown.

The shot hit the right side of the hull in the area forward of the superstructure and radar. Immediately after the collision, the crew requested assistance from the Japanese coast guard.

The collision injured three sailors, including the ship's captain Bruce Benson. They were evacuated by helicopter and taken to the hospital in Yokosuka. The destroyer is based at the naval base of the USA in the port of Yokosuka. His weapons are cruise missiles "Tomahawk".

The area where the incident occurred, loaded vessels, but a destroyer "Fitzgerald" is one of the most advanced warships in the world with a complex system of radar, noted the correspondent Bi-bi-si in Tokyo, Rupert Wingfield-Hayes. It is assumed that there will be many questions about why the crew was unable to avoid a collision with the container ship.